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hypermobility swan neck Hypersplint™

This little guy will bend over backwards to keep you from hyperextending and keeps swan neck deformity at bay.


Versasplint versatile multi-function splint

This versatile splint knows no bounds! Multi-function support for a myriad of conditions.


Spiresplint multi-function splint

This multi-functional splint can be reshaped to fit how you need it most!

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Amazing quality and not priced so you can't afford it. Love my splint. Better quality than other splints I have tried and were not effective. This splint works great. Thank you. 

~Roxanne, 9/20/18

affordable AND adjustable silver ring splints? you're welcome.

Works really good when I’m at work and is really comfortable. I love it and it looks nice. 

~Brittney B., 11/4/18

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