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DIY Ring Splints

Getting Started - Gather Your Supplies

We've researched everyday tools and tricks for DIY'ers that will get the job done at home on a budget!

Tape measure or ring sizer
  • A flexible tape measure does the trick, and there may be one already in your arsenal.
      Flush cutters
      • Flush cutters are perfect for the job. They slice through the wire and really cut down on sanding times, require less elbow grease, and make your sanding files last longer.  
      Ring mandrel
      • Any style with marked ring sizes is sufficient. 
      Sanding files
      • Tip: we recommend segregating these tools for metal work only and not using them for personal use afterwards
      • Sanding files in varying grits are made to get the job done

      Step 1 - Find Your Size

      • Use an adjustable splint sizer or tape measure
      • Find the size around the affected joint (size 6.5 is shown)
      • Not too snug, and not too loose


      Step 2 - Begin Wrapping

      A ring size 6.5 double band ring splint will be made in this tutorial
      • Place the wire at your ring size and begin wrapping the wire around the mandrel

      Step 3 - Make the Bands

      • Continue wrapping the wire around the mandrel to complete your desired style
      • For a double band splint, you will need 4 complete rings
        • This will result in a splint with 2 double bands
      • For a triple band splint, you will need 6 complete rings
        • This will result in a splint with 2 triple bands



      Step 4 - Snip the Ends

      • Use the flush cutters to snip the excess wire

      TIP: Place the flat side of the cutters against the splint



      Step 5 - Finishing Touches

      • Sand the cut ends of the splint with a nail file or nail grinder until smooth to the touch
      • Then push the sanded tips back towards the rings
      • Split the rings in half up to 90°
        • This will form your ring splint


      FINITO! - Time to Enjoy

      Congrats on completing your DIY ring splint