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Do you accept insurance? We do not bill insurance providers directly, though we will assist in the process if we are able. If you are ordering orthoses under the care of a medical professional, you may want to ask them to for assistance, as this may make the process a smoother one with your insurance provider. In most instances, Insurance Providers do reimburse for orthoses when ordered with a medical prescription and prior approval.

Is my payment information secure? We use SSL Secure Encryption on our website during checkout. Just look for the https along with the padlock. If you don't see this during checkout, your purchase is not secure and you may be on a fraudulent website. When in doubt, don't checkout. Contact us with any concerns. 

How can I add an item to my order before it ships? Simply contact us with your order number and the item you need. We can send an electronic invoice with any additional shipping fees waived. 

Why would I need ring splints? If you have finger, thumb or toe joint pain, you will most likely benefit from splinting. We are not medical professionals. Please seek medical advice before splinting. Your doctor or therapist will be able to point you in the right direction.

What splint metal options do you have? 925 Sterling Silver. Contact us to inquire about 12Kt Gold Filled.

Does it hurt to wear splints? Most individuals find splinting to be second nature, and have no issues. For other individuals, it may take some time to acquire the feel of wearing splints, as digits are being held in proper positioning which they are not used to.

Can I do everyday tasks with the splints on? Yes, our splints are crafted to be durable and withstand everyday tasks. 

How long will my splints last? Our orthoses are handcrafted to last a lifetime with normal wear and tear.

Can I wear my splint in the water? Yes. Sterling will tarnish more quickly around certain water sources and all sterling will tarnish over time. However, a wipe with a jewelry polishing pad or jewelry cleaner will bring back it's original beauty. 

Are the splints adjustable? ​Yes, almost all of them. Details can be found on each product page. If you don't see what you need, feel free to ask.

Is the metal strong or does it collapse with wear? Our splints and orthoses are strong and durable. They hold their shape under pressure, and the rounded edges won't dig in. Our splints have a base frame that is handcrafted from one continuous piece of metal, meaning there are no connection points to break or crack. Your splint will last you a lifetime with normal wear and tear.

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