Find Your Size

Our splints have slightly graduated sizing. The rings on one side of the splint will be larger, while the rings on the opposing side will be slightly smaller. When received, if needed, simply manipulate and adjust your splint to fit your precise shape and requirements.

Use a ring sizer or flexible measuring tape to find the size around the affected joint.
Tip: if your size falls in between the available sizes, we suggest rounding down for a snug fit, unless your joints swell throughout the day, then round up

    If a measuring tape will be used, see the conversion chart below to find your ring size.


    Take advantage of this handy chart to mark your sizes as you go. 

    Remember to size right around the joint, not at an angle. Horizontal lines on the image are for conveniently writing your sizes down, and may not reflect the angle at which you are to measure.

    • Desktop Users: right click the image and "save image as" to your desktop, then print
    • Mobile Users: take a screen shot of the image and use "markup" to write your sizes right on the image!


      Measurement to Ring Size
      Conversion Chart

      40mm = ring size 1/2
      41mm = ring size 1
      42mm = ring size 1.5
      43mm = ring size 2
      45mm = ring size 2.5
      46mm = ring size 3
      47mm = ring size 3.5
      49mm = ring size 4
      50mm = ring size 4.5
      51mm = ring size 5
      53mm = ring size 5.5
      55mm = ring size 6
      56mm = ring size 6.5
      57mm = ring size 7
      58mm = ring size 7.5
      59mm = ring size 8
      60mm = ring size 8.5
      61mm = ring size 9
      63mm = ring size 9.5
      64mm = ring size 10
      65mm = ring size 10.5
      66mm = ring size 11
      68mm = ring size 11.5
      69mm = ring size 12