Simply Put

We have free shipping and your package should be in your mailbox within a week, tops! Read on for some typical Q and A. 

How Long Before My Order Ships?

We usually ship the same day you place your order! How cool is that?

Well, When Will It Get Here?

We're located in the US, so expect 2-5 days to receive your package.

How Can I Track It?

We send out an electronic notification, with a tracking number, when your order ships, this is typically the same day your order is placed. Please allow USPS 24 hours to activate that tracking number at USPS Tracking.

So, I Never Got My Package

Package lost, delayed, stolen or 'delivered' but never arrived? Please contact your local mail carrier and your local Post Office. Though we'd love to, we're simply not able to help until we have further details. We're unable to offer refunds in this instance, though replacements may be applicable depending on the situation and information you can obtain from your local USPS. 

This Shipping Policy may be changed and updated at any time and without notice.