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Thumb Midsplint™ w/Palm Tab




Use the Thumb Midsplint™ for hyperextension of the MP thumb joint. MP and IP flexion is maintained.  Both strap and bracelet are included.


Handcrafted and custom sized, the round-edged oval bands offer ultimate comfort with the added benefit of being adjustable within one ring size. The splint and palm tab can be adjusted as needed for comfort and function. 


My 925 Sterling Silver splints are custom handcrafted to withstand a lifetime of wear, which means you'll never need to replace your splint due to material failure or fault. There are no connection points on the splint that can crack or split since each splint frame is one continuous piece. On our splints with wrist attachments, the strap or bracelet will wear over time and will need to be replaced. If you ever feel something isn't up to quality, just let me know and I'll take care of it. - Rebecca, Owner EDS Ring Splints, LLC 


The 925 stamp verifies your authentic sterling ring splint. Our splints retain their shape and support with movement and adjustments. 


Click the SIZING tab above for complete instructions. For this splint, we need the size around the end thumb joint (IP)


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