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If your Bling Splint is defective or breaks [excluding straps/bracelets/accessories], just report it to me within the first year of purchase and I will replace it and cover all shipping. Seriously?! Yes.

If, after one year since purchase, your Bling Splint gets damaged, I will replace the Bling Splint at half the purchase price (including custom splints). Shipping fees apply.


If you order a Bling Splint and need to exchange for a different size, you have one month since delivery to exchange for the correct size and I'll get you taken care of.  Shipping fees apply. Size exchanges will not be processed after a one-month [delivery] window.

If you decide gold is the new silver, and would like to exchange your Bling Splint for a different color within the first two weeks of receiving your Bling Splint, I will gladly exchange it for you. Shipping fees apply. Color exchanges will not be processed after a two-week [delivery] window.


I am unable to accept exchanges, on custom splints (for example, a hammered finish). If you do have a problem with your custom splint, just let me know.

Bulk purchase splints are not eligible for color exchanges or loss replacements at any time, nor damage replacements after the first year since purchase.

Lost Splints

If you lose your Bling Splint, I would love to replace it, one time, with a brand, spankin' new one. A nominal fee is charged, depending on the splint, of: $5 for Hypersplints, Infinisplints, Guidesplints, Spansplints, Spiresplints, and Versasplints. $9 for Arcsplints, Tapersplints, Circasplints, Ebbsplints, Bridgesplints, Trussplints, and Coilsplints. $12 for Midsplints, Anchorsplints, Helixsplints, and other Bling Splints not listed here. Shipping fees apply.

Custom splints and bulk order splints (sets) are not covered for loss replacement, nor damage replacement after the first year since purchase.

Lost straps, bracelets and accessories are not covered under the warranty.

Straps and bracelets have many small parts and connections which will wear down over time and they are not covered under the warranty. 

It is important that you keep your paper or email receipt or proof of purchase, in the event that enough time passes that I no longer have record of, or access to, your order.  Without proof of purchase, I am unable to fulfill your warranty claim.

Warranty coverage valid starting 2018